Victory at Sea War Memorial

Victory at Sea War Memorial is located on Beach road and is frequently visited by tourists on their way to the beach. The monument has a pyre lit permanently in honour of the Indian martyrs. The well-maintained monument often generates a sense of patriotism and pride in our countrymen who fight selflessly for the safety of the citizens. Missiles, Fighter Plane Models and Tankers are also kept around the memorial. The monument can be seen from the main road itself when on the way to the beach. When visiting Visakhapatnam, do spend a few minutes here to pay homage to the brave of our country. 

Victory at Sea War Memorial was built in 1996 to honour the brave sailors of Indian Navy and the Eastern Naval Command who fought the Indo-Pak War and sunk PNS Gazi, a Pakistani Submarine when Pakistan targeted the Visakhapatnam Port to destroy INS Vikrant, an Indian Aircraft Carrier. PNS Gazi was defeated at the coast of the city of Visakhapatnam. Hence, the Victory at Sea War Memorial has been built in the memory of the first battle victory in the Liberation War. The memorial is a decent attraction to take children to increase their knowledge about the historical battles, tensions and outcomes. As they say, we must sometimes look back to be able to take better steps in the future. Visiting memorials and historic sites is one of the ways to do that.