Madhavgarh Fort

Besides the various religious sites in Satna, Madhavgarh Fort is a historical structure built about 400 years ago. Madho Singh Ji built the fort which was converted in the year 2000 into a heritage hotel by Thakur Bhawani Singh Ji. The fort is best remembered for the battle of Marathas in 1787. It stands above the Tunga battlefield as well as a Rajasthani village which is home to many local artisans and handicrafts. Within the fort lies the Pratap Mahal suite, the room in which Maharaja Pratap Singh resided as well as the Deodhi Phoola Mahal. The fort once was the centre of the Rewa state. The shape of the fort along with the beautiful arts on the domes and interiors make it worth a visit from a purely historical and architectural point of view.