Away from the blaring noises of cities, Karimganj, located at a distance of 313 Kms from Guwahati, is a small sleepy town of Assam steeped in the beauty of nature. Karimganj is the biggest city and administrative headquarter in the district. Situated in the southernmost part of the state, the region majorly consists of wetlands and farms for which it is known as one of the major agricultural districts in Assam. It is an important centre of trade and commerce with important resources that it exports to several states in India. With a thick cover of trees, forest produces are a very important means of resource for the livelihood of the people, Karimganj has an intense pool of culture associated with local tribes, languages, and traditions that are exclusive to their place of origin.

Sharing its border with Bangladesh, the town is adorned with two major rivers Kushiara and Longai. A long rumbling canal called Noti Khal is also featured by the place which helps connect the two rivers creating a balance of the water level. The several forests near the town harbouring a variety of flora and fauna are great for easy hikes and explorations.